The Promising Indian Society has been committed to transforming lives through its initiatives in the fields of education, healthcare, and livelihood generation. Established in 2017, a Society registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882, the organization primarily aims to work towards development and betterment of Indian Society and recognize and reward the success stories of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who are making a mark with their work worldwide and provide a platform for equal-for-all networking and collaborative business opportunities to all Indians across the globe.

Throughout the year 2022-2023, Promising Indian Society undertook various projects across different locations in India, aiming to create a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities in need. We realized that WIFI is now as essential as basic necessities like food, clothing & shelter. We are the first organization to implement PM-WANI- an ambitious scheme of the Government of India- on a PAN India basis to make people self-reliant. We have already received approvals for 200 hotspots in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

In our 6 years of operation, we have had an impact on the following need sensitive areas:

I.      Women Empowerment

II.     Skill development

III.    Promotion/ Campaign for Digital India Framework

IV.    Food for All

V.     Promotion of Art & Crafts of Indian Artisans/ weavers

VI.    Education for all

VII.   Free Wi-Fi for all

VIII. Health & Wellness


This not-for-profit organization celebrates the triumph of every Person of Indian Origin (PIOs) and nationals glorifying India. We have successfully held conclaves in India and Mauritius and have established outposts in other countries as well. We have a large membership base of businessmen from foreign countries that are looking for an opportunity to collaborate with Indian businesses to leverage opportunities for mutual benefit.

Promising Indian Society also holds the franchise for the famous Promising Indians’ Awards. These are India’s flagship awards for recognizing and rewarding the success stories of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who are making a mark with their work worldwide. This event is designed to be a celebration of excellence as well as a coming together of the Indian diaspora to collaborate for a better and brighter future.


Attended by Diplomats, Bureaucrats, Key Policy Makers, members of Think Tanks, Business Leaders, members of Government and Non-Government Organisations, Young Entrepreneurs, CEOs/CXOs, Investment and Promotion Agencies from India as well as abroad this event globally presents India as a business destination. We connect the participants with the Indian diaspora and global citizens, by following up the Awards with several Networking Events which are perfect platform to launch your business, seek and provide expert guidance and accelerate collaborations and expansions. The Hospitality summit is one such event.

With India taking over the 5th position in the greatest economies of the world, we are excited to be a part of this phenomenal growth and look forward to continue contributing to the rise of India as it seeks to re-establish its former glory and position. We are proud to be Indian – always ahead, always better!